Our Renewed Vision For Cornejo & Sons

Most people know Cornejo & Sons by the family name. The company was founded on strong principals, and from the start, it carried a strong connection from the employees to the community. Today, the Cornejo family that started it all is no longer with Cornejo & Sons, but that doesn’t mean that their spirit of community and fellowship is gone. We like to think that the essence of the family that grew this company out of nothing remains with us to this day.

With the legacy of Cornejo & Sons and Ritchie Corporation now operating under one brand, we have well over 100 years of aggregate and paving experience. In a rough estimate, combined we have built over 75 percent of the roads in the Wichita area.

Over the past couple of years, our company has grown along with gaining a new management team. We have fresh leaders who guide us and our ideals forward. Our aim is to take the Cornejo legacy and improve upon it, turning it into something much larger and more productive that it was when it began.

Our growth also reflects Cornejo & Sons’ dedication of workforce development, through our focus of hiring more women and veterans along with heightening our emphasis on training to retain our employees. We even have implemented a robust internship program where we bring students in from area universities like WSU, K-State, KU, and Pitt State as well as others like Colorado School of Mines, South Dakota School of Mines, Missouri S&T, and Murray State University to name a few. It’s the kind of positive message that we want to send to all companies in the area.

Safety is our top priority because working in construction can be dangerous. That’s exactly why we aim to create the safest workplace at all times and pride ourselves in being one of the safest construction companies in the state. In fact, we were recognized in 2017 by the Kansas Contractors Association when we received the Outstanding Achievement in Accident Prevention Award. To earn this honor, we reached over 400,000 total employee hours without a single injury. That’s a testament to our entire team’s commitment to safety.

Cornejo & Sons strives to build relationships with those in the Wichita community through partnerships that bring value. We collaborate with many large clients, such as Koch Industries, Spirit Aerosystems and McConnell Air Force Base, but we don’t stop there. Our company also focuses on the residents of Wichita, working on anything our friends and neighbors may need help with — even fixing up residential driveways. In short, we do our best to be here for everyone who needs us.

“I like to say that we help build the community.”

Our company name is all over Wichita one way or another. We helped build roads, pour driveways, and pave parking lots. But we also spend a lot of time and resources contributing more. Cornejo & Sons donates to many causes, and our leaders serve on community boards throughout Wichita and the state of Kansas. We do more than build roads, we work to propel Wichita forward.

These strong qualities are all part of the Cornejo & Sons legacy: workforce development, community involvement, and customer focus. We started with their family’s values, and we’re doing our best to take Cornejo & Sons to the next level.

— Georges Ausseil, President, Cornejo & Sons