Are your parking lots ready for summer?

April showers bring May flowers…….. and potholes! Winter is over and a good spring cleaning sets the tone for the summer.

What does that mean for your parking lot?

While the moisture from a spring rain may be great for your flowers, it can be permanently damaging to your parking lot if not properly maintained!

By avoiding proper parking lot maintenance you allow moisture to creep beneath your parking lot eventually causing a major issue potentially costing you thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. This can all be avoided by just following a few simple steps

Parking Lot Maintenance in 3 Easy Steps

1. Have your parking lots inspected by a Cornejo Pavement Maintenance Specialist twice a year at no cost to you.

2. Crack Seal your parking lot at least once per year.

3. Seal Coat your parking lot every 3 to 5 years.

Give us a call to see if your parking lots are prepared for the Kansas heat!